Would you fall?

March 16, 2011
Imagine what it's like being like me having some just like you not noticing me. Can't wait to graduate move on maybe right the wrong-that this world has caused. But in the back of mind can't help but wonder

*what if we fall in love, 
Not worrying about the consequences.
Fall in love,
Never looking back.
What if we fall in love,
And take on the world together.
Side by side you and me,
Standing up for what we know is wrong.
But who's to say,
That our love is wrong and untrue.
I don't know the difference,
Between wrong or right.
The only thing I know to be true,
Is that when I'm with you,
It feels like we're meant,
To be more than what we are.
If you care for me and I care for you,
Then what is stopping us from advancing,
To Our future together.
We can stand side by side,
Against a world who doesn't understand,
How we feel inside.
What if we were to fall in love,
Would you accept the consequences?? 

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