The Turtle

January 15, 2008
I see a turtle walking in the sand,
his golden shell glittering brightly on this dim beach,
encrusted with jewels ,
and patterned so beautifully.
All animals who pass are shattered by the beauty,
thrust into tears,
unable to comprehend what they are seeing.
But the turtle doesn't see it.
He has no way to see the beauty that lies just above his head,
no way of knowing his own worth.
And so by day he wanders the beach,
looking and never finding,
not knowing what to seek.
And by night he curls up within his shell,
submerged in his shell,
crying the tears of the lost.
But he doesn't know that this is when he is most beautiful,
when the moonlight shines off of his golden shell,
and all gather around,
some weep,
some can't help but look away from the beauty,
and some just nod their heads,
at this tragically,

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