Him I Fell In Love With

January 15, 2008
By Ciara Wade, Milwaukee, WI

He was crazy with that short temper
But that crazy feeling that I still loved him
Molds and captures my heart even though I'm not with him

He wants me but I wish I could have him
Something stopping me from within
Surrounded by his unhappiness
Boy don't I miss that heart dropping kiss of him

We didn't mix so distance was the main substance
It was a short time before that feeling of missing him shortly began

Always and I do mean always he still sets in one place
That which is my heart

Did he love me or did I love him?
Our personalities were and still are the same
Keepin' it real with me is what kept him around
Wanting him to take the step to show me he cared is what I waited for so long
Danger was in the way because it was too late, because I was in love

Now where do we stand?

Days and Nights pass until we've recently conjoined again
Since that day we've met I knew their would be no regrets
Never do I want to feel those lonely feelings even though we're just friends

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