Life as we know it

March 13, 2011
By , ambler, PA
In a life time a person is bound to make many mistakes
some people choose to be real and others choose to be fake
People in this world are truly trying others in this world are close to dying
Make new friends but keep the old some people listen others don't do what their told
religion is different as well as our race some make the right choice while others make mistakes they can no longer erase
Lots give it there all and never choose to quit others let themselves fail and never choose to admit
Soldiers at war family's trying to cope, drug dealers on the streets trying to sell dope
A mother giving birth a child at play people with cancer all we can do is pray
Singing songs spreading love to all helping someone out instead of watching them fall
Theres homeless on the streets that go digging for meals and theres people in this world who have enough will power to steel.
Teenagers drinking and also using drugs some people are lonely and just need a hug
Killers on the streets theres people who care others giving signs but we just stop and stare
Earthquakes to Hurricanes Tornadoes to droughts kids who have nothing while the ones who do just pout.
Young to old happy to sad were faced with people who sometimes make us mad
Something else happens each and every day and all we do is sit back and tell ourselves that everything is okay.

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