Dance with me

March 13, 2011
By FearlessnTearless00 SILVER, Grand Junction, Michigan
FearlessnTearless00 SILVER, Grand Junction, Michigan
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" Dance with me", I whispered extending a hand. You looked into my eyes and without a word walked away.

I will always remember that night.

I knew you from the inside out and I

knew you weren't easy. But I never quit because when life gets harder all that means is you got to pick up your game.

So a week later I came across you again and said" Dance with me".

And again you looked into my eyes, this time with a hint of a smile on your face, and walked away. A month later I walked upon you, this time saying nothing. Surprisingly you did.

" Dance with me". you demanded. I looked into your eyes, smiled and walked away. As the year passed we came across each other many times saying nothing. Then one night you came up to me and grabbed my hand and we danced under the moon.

I whispered " This is our first".

He replied " But not our last".

We smiled and danced under the millions of stars as the moon lit our dance.

This is our first


Not our last.

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