I Don't Need You

January 15, 2008
By Krysta Taylor, Morton, IL

I don’t know how to say it
It’s just hard to explain
On what you put me through
With all of this pain
I thought you were a great guy
You seemed pretty smart
But then, you made me cry
And you took my loving heart
My feelings were really hurt
I tried to be polite
Not to mention, flirt
But, all we did was fight
It was extremely low
On what you did wrong
It was a very low blow
I’m trying to stay strong
I even confessed
My true feelings for you
You sounded real impressed
So, I thought you felt them too
But, that doesn’t matter anymore
I don’t need you
Even though my heart’s still sore
My life will go through
So, I’m finished with you
I’m saying good-bye
I hope that’s okay
You’re just not the guy
That I really need
Or that really cares
I need someone like that
Someone who’s really fair
You may still wonder
If we can still be friends
I’m still a bit under
So it just may be the end
But for me, it’s a new beginning
Without you by my side
My head isn’t spinning
My life is all combined

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