L o v e

March 12, 2011
Love, Yes that's the word
I know I know, that sounds absurd,
That word is huge in every way
I Confront it every day,
It brings happiness, but pain
It's extroadinary, yet plain,
It's annoying, yet sweet
Yes, it haunts me in my sleep,
Broken smiles, broken hearts
All because that one word starts,
It stings us deep, there's no escape
All because this one word takes place,
I smile, I cry, I fight, I pray
To get to where I'm going, there's no other way,
It's a word, we don't understand how to live without
It's sad, It's great, It's a drag, there's no doubt!,
Just smile, It'll pull you through
Just trust me, there's no doubt It's true!,
Yes I know it hurts
We misuse those three little words,
"I love you" mean more than what's layed
Just say what you mean, mean what you say,
Smile during it, laugh like you'll never cry
Make it more to you, than what meets the eye,
Be yourself, you can't be anyone else
Don't hide like a book, on a dusty bookshelf.

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