Truths of a heart

January 15, 2008
A beast raged
Roaring so within my veins
In sync with the ebb and flow
Of my blood
And important as
My spine
My thoughts a plaything
My lusts its satisfaction
Honed claws
Hardened ‘round my ribs
Like cement
Pulsating beats
Traveling to its mouth
Food for thought
Food for my beast
Oh to release
Its petrified hands from ‘round my ribs
That would release flame from my chest
Flame from my gut

Flawed yet passionate
This beast, among my inner demons, roared
Howling with scorching ardor
Branding a mark
Upon my delicate nerves
It’s raging
Longing to run rampant
I try to keep it in check
Claw marks
Scattered ‘round my inside
They’ve been bleeding
Scars forming
In places I cannot see
With these two physical eyes
Uncontrollable and unrestricted
This feral beast
Blazing with all the heat
Of my spirit

The beast reached its hands
And my eyes
Rolled ‘round and ‘round inside those hands
That firm grip
Tainted but unscathed
I never saw the same again
Memories past
Like autumn leaves
Sometimes collected
Into a pile I leap into
But that cannot delay the coming
Of winter
Where I retreat inside
In all of this time the beast
Never relinquished those howls
Heart-stopping screams
How you can feel that passion burning
Boling and bubbling my blood
My veins
My thoughts
My sight
All hoped the beast brought prophecy
That it was an oracle
Of my body
A beacon of desire, perhaps need
Memories past
A distant manifestation
Struck down by a hunter
Is molded
It’s resting in my hands
And given new shape

It spoke for me
Its hands holding my lips
Twisting my tongue
Emphasizing all the words
The beast urges me
To touch, to get lost
Within another’s maze
A labyrinth of fervor
And its simple complexity
It will guide my feet
Moving them
However it sees best fit
This is when I knew
I was a slave
A puppet
That it had taken over me

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