January 15, 2008
By Evan Woods, Glen Allen, VA

I never expected
That everyone suspected
Me of treason
They had no reason
I did not betrayal
For my trust has never failed
But now where screaming words come to meet
Against my ear drums where they beat
As saliva flings onto my face
With bitter words that you cannot erase
I only stare blankly ahead
Glaring at your soul that’s dead
I try and hold back my laugh
For all this is really half
Of what you know
About how I did throw
This friendship down the drain
And all you feel is pain
Well let me tell you the truth
It started back some days ago
Where you went around and did become a ho
And where your faux smiles lie
I frowned and cried
For in my heart I loved you
And you threw my heart a strew
I went and confessed my feeling hurt
To friends I trusted and would not flirt
With you my pain is now shared
And now your twisted face is in despair
I bid you farewell
It was all in vain going through hell

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