January 15, 2008
The greatest feeling in the world,
is being close enough
to taste your lips,
and feel the warmth of your

Why does my stomach leap,
like a frog
every time I see you?
My heart sings open from my chest
as your voice composes a soft melody
in my ear.
Your tantalizing tongue creating
the high and low notes that make my
spine tingle.

Hold me,
so I can sink into your warm arms,
a pink heaven.
Drifting away, in a coma,
listening to the sound of your heart,
a steady drum, vibrating,
an overdose of pleasure,
relaxing my nerves, my mind,
releasing my fears and weaknesses.

Lay next to me.
Erase my mind,
Numb my pain,
with the sweet ecstasy of
your poisoned lips.

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