Endless Night

January 15, 2008
The wind whispers though the open window.
There is a cold,
Frigid feeling expanding the length of his body.
His room now filled with darkness.
Lit only by the beaming light of a full moon.
Shadows crawl along his wall.
The wind and trees work together,
Coming to life,
Only with lifeless movement.
He becomes terror-stricken,
He waits timid as a mouse.
He is trembling deep within his now fading soul.
He rests with an unbendable stiffness.
His surroundings are hushed.
Death fills the room.
His thoughts have ceased.
Now in an endless daze,
He lies motionless and lifeless.
All has settled.
And now he is tranquil.
Yet he displays emptiness.
He feels soulless.

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