War on My Heart

March 15, 2011
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Never wavering,
Never turning back,
You went to war on my heart,
It was an all out attack.

So now I'm hiding behind a smile,
A smile so fake,
Hiding behind a smile,
When inside I’m ‘bot to break.

I go through the motions,
Hour by hour,
And day by day,

But I see life,
Not in colors,
But in black and grey.

You fed me sweet s***,
Line after line,
Making me forget others,
Forget the world,
Dream of one with only me and you,
You left me dreaming till reality kicked in,
Reminded me of my deadly sin.

You blinded me,
With my own emotion,
You drugged me,
With a unforgiving love potion.

I was nothing but weak,
I fell into your trap,
I let my guard down,
If just for a few,
In hopes of giving my all to you.

I promised to myself,
I would not get hurt,
That I needed to trust,
For this to work,
So my wall broke down,
Set me free,
But it purely blinded me.

Happy dance,
Music ablaze,
Everything bliss,
Everything a delicious haze.

Till I thought of where I was...
In a forever lasting maze.

One to hard,
For my weary head,
So I went back to bed,
Dreaming with my eyes open,
For heaven was upon me,
Nothing could be better than this,
But now,
Thinking back,
It was the feeling,
Not you,
That I miss.

All the butterflies,
The feeling of content,
But you didn't ever love me,
You used me till I was spent.

So that is how,
The story went,
A nieve girl,
Who fell,
And who fell hard,
For a boy,
Who had this game all figured out,
Said the right things,
But with no heart,
Making the girl wish,
The romance had no start.

Wishing so much,
On worthless stars,
She would be happy and free yet again,
Free form her cage of scars,
Free to smile,
Then not cry,
Free to finally,
Say goodbye.

For you ever waverd,
You never turned back,
You went to war on my heart,
It was an all out attack.

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