Vial Smile

March 15, 2011
By DowntheRoad SILVER, Cumberland, Maine
DowntheRoad SILVER, Cumberland, Maine
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I squeeze my eyes shut,
Tears over flow,
Of all my pain,
Oh that pain,
God you'll just never know.

You won't ever understand how it hurt me,
Can't possibly understand how many tears,
Locking the door,
Hoping nobody hears.

I always fight back,
You can't rule my life,
But who I feel worst for,
Is my mom,
Your wife.

She seeks out justice,
You shoot her down,
You don't own us,
Your no king,
You have no crown.

You see,
A king would rule well,
A king would rule wise,
You're a monster,
You only spread lies.

A king would set order,
Spread cheer and joy,
But for you it's a game,
Everyone's just a toy.

But slap that grin right off your face,
That vial smile always in place,
I swear to you,
They'll come a day,
When I'll be a king,
Have it my way.

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