My Very Own Satan

March 15, 2011
By DowntheRoad SILVER, Cumberland, Maine
DowntheRoad SILVER, Cumberland, Maine
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Right when I feel perfect,
Invincible to all,
I’m standing up,
Mighty and tall,
When she comes along,
And makes me fall.

I feel right,
The world feels right,
But only for a moment.

She comes along,
So merrily,
Grinchy smile in place,
She looks at me,
With splendid glee,
My very own Satan is she.

So innocent she looks,
And that is how she hooks,
Those poor saps,
Just hollow shells,
Didn’t see her coming,
From the hells.

But she can change,
Before your eyes,
A shocking moment,
Such a surprise,
She changes into an inhuman monster,
I’d give her away to anyone who wants her.

Her evil won’t stop till you feel you’ve gone mad,
Depression worsening,
Always feeling so sad.
Every insult she throws,
Brings her down to new lows,
My very own Satan is she.

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