How Could This Happen To Me

January 15, 2008
By Patricia Bravo, Strathmore, CA

As I sit here...
remembering what I been through...
I ask myself...
How could this happen to me?

You were my best friend,
Soon we fell in love with each other.
We went out...
tolded you I loved you,
and promised you
I would never leave your side.

But one day something changed,
I stop loving you,
I left you.
I broke your heart and the promise I maded you.
You cried, I didn't notice.
I left you alone with a broken heart.

You hope I would be back to you...
But you found me with another...
You thought I loved him, I also thought too.
He returned what I did to you...
My heart is hurting.

Time passed,
I was a different,
My being changed.
How did this happen to me?
I know why,
I just don't want to admit it,
I did the same.

I sit here stareing at you & thinking,
I wonder if you still loved me,
you don't showed sight,
I found myself still in love with you.
But how? Was I always loving you?
I guess I was blind.

You started talking to me as friends.
You turn my best friend again.
It felt wierd saying it.
But that was what I had from you,
a friend.

I pray to God asking him to bring you back to me...
I cried then suddently fell asleep.
I drift in a sweet dream about you,
we were together, You told me you loved me...

I wroke up and didn't see you near me,
I became sad hoping it would've been true.
As I stared at the bright blue sky,
I thank God for letting me be by your side
even if it was by dreamed,
I asked him again to bring you back.

As I was standing by you on the cold wind blowing toward us,
You saw me shaking of coldness,
you stared at me and
I look into your eyes realizing you still loved me.
And I guess you realized it too.

You asked me if I still love you,
I said "yes."
You close your eyes and lay your forhead with mine
You said, "I still love you"
I hugged you hoping you forgived me for breaking your heart.

You propose me to be your wife,
I realized you want to be with me your whole life,
I accept.
I want to spend every moment with you.
"Oh!God Thank You!!!!"

I don't ever want to let you go.
I love you more than anything.
Boy I just want you to know that this time I won't leave you and that this time I will keep My promise.

How could this happen to me?
I know why...
Everyone deserved a second chance.

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