Conceptually Sound

January 15, 2008
By Kemi Alabi, Mequon, WI

your concept is too gratifying
the curves of your lips
mirror mine,
how subtly soft;
but i’d only know from my blurred glances.

sharpened riddles sprinkle your speech,
they rattle my mind,
and I’m falling, fainting.
catch me with your sweet song
coated in grounds of espresso
so that i may wake to lullabies.

you’re picturesque
with your dictionary definition
lost in the fiction
of your intent.
lets fumble through these
cardboard layers
of fantasy
to find the pocket of this life
preserved in untouched bubble wrap.

i don’t understand.
this boy seems
too limp
to have inspired such a mannequin,
to have shaped such a concept
so gratifyingly mine.

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