Open Letter to My Favorite Handbag

March 15, 2011
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Dear Louis Vuttion,

I remember the moment that you and I met. It was love at first handle. The warmth in my hand you gave me, made me feel like I had just met my lifelong lover. Being miles apart until that Christmas Morning, you were only the third gift I had opened. I did not want to open any more gifts because I could not put you down. Even when I had to, you sat right by my side looking at me smiling with your gold and brown leathery goodness. Looking at you made me feel like I was a little kid in a candy store, trying to decide what type of candy I wanted. I have never been so thrilled to finally meet you! The sparkle in my eyes, my body full of joy, I could not have been any happier in my whole life. I knew that you and I were going to be lifetime partners forever no matter what happened. I promised you that I would carry you until the day you fell apart. As the maroon pieces fall from your handles, I still carry you around as I parade you around in front of others faces. At that moment, I knew I had become one of the luckiest girls ever! Making eyes look from all over, I knew that I had become the new cat’s meow. Being known as the girl with the best looking purses around, this gave everyone something to gossip about. You and I have developed this type of communication where it seemed like everyone was looking at us. Looking one another, we could not have completed each other anymore. Even though you see me looking at others you have nothing to worry about. You will always be my first and only Louis. I will love you more than others all because of our very special bonding moments you and I share. When I need to talk, you’re always there no matter what.

Love Always,

Molli (the Label Queen)

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