January 15, 2008
During the chill of January
Up in the sky,
The sun hides its face
And covers its eyes.
The wind blows and there’s a frost covering the land

We’re all cold.
We hide from the breeze.
The wind blows and screams.
Everything’s frozen,
And stuck in place.
Completely helpless
While the coldness freezes our breath

Just when we are about to quit,
The sun shows its face
And opens its eyes
Then brings light to our frozen day.

Soon, all the frost melts away
And even the wind is calm and warm.
Our breath is no longer frozen.
We no longer hide.
The sun and wind are at peace
And we can go outside again.
We can breathe and see

January can be wonderful
When the sun and wind are peaceful.
But never for very long.
They are constantly at war

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