The Water Who Loved a Frog

January 15, 2008
By Simone Gordon, Lebanon, NH

Clear, smooth water swayed, the water swooned
The water fell in love, with a great big frog
The frog, jumping and swimming, craoked a happy song
The water she flowed, trying to to embrace this great big frog
Quickly, the frog he swam, but could find no way out
The water grew sad, her love didn't want her
Then a temper she grew, invaded even further
Though frog was quick, water was quicker
she flowed around him, in a frenzied state
Flowed over his body, through his lungs
wit a craok of despair, the frogged slipped away into death
Never to wake, never to sing again
The water saw this, and in her own despair
She fell into tears, then stilled forevermore
Never to move, only to dry up
Till there is nothing left, not a drop

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