I Found Me

January 15, 2008
By raven jones, Indianapolis, IN

There's nobody home to welcome her in
She's beautiful on the outside but a demon within
She comes home late drunk and high
She silently whispers to herself "I'm so tired of this life I wonder would they welcome me in the sky"
She quietly creeps up the stairs and realizes her mom is not there
She looks at her dad sleeping with an evil glare
She goes down the stairs and gets the gun
She shoots her dad and then there was one
With no time to waste she moves steadily to her sister's room
As she walks in it fills with gloom
She looks at her sister and her sister pleads "No Katie please!"
Katie pulls the trigger as her sister silently screams
She sat at her sister's desk and wrote her mother one last note
And in this note she wrote:

I'm so sorry I left you here to grieve all this pain alone
I went to be with the Lord and I took Dad and Christy with me. I'm sorry but this is no longer our home
We're happier now and i'm sure you will be too
These are my last final words "I love you"
Katies folds the paper and tapes it on the door
She cocks the gun to her head

She falls to the floor...

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