The One

January 15, 2008
I sit at the party, in a depressed state.
I see him walk threw the door,
our eyes meet and the coldness in my heart melts.
All i could see for miles was those full blue eyes.
We talked all night long, laughing and smiling.
We end the night with a friendly hug and simple words; "See you tomorrow."
A few days past and we became good friends, always wanting to see each other more.
On the third day since we met,
he asked me to be his girlfriend.
The stars shone in my eyes and a smile of pure love shone for days.
It's been over a year now,
Everyone says we were ment for each other.
I sit in study hall, looking at him.
My eyes still shine like stars when I think of him.
I listen to him tell me, "I love you" everyday.
For it is what keeps my heart beating.
He says he wants to be mine forever, he holds a ring in his hand.
I look at him and wonder if he knows he's the thing that keeps me alive,
he's the thing I dream while I sleep without him.
I give him my heart when I speak three words; "yes, I will."
I sit in study hall and smile at him,
and know that he is mine forever.

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