January 15, 2008
By Rewati Kulkarni, Abu Dhabi, ZZ

The noon sun shone
Above the cresecents of their heads.
Arm in arm they wandered;
Each step together they tread.
They talked about them,
And pointed ans scowled
Yet none over their amity
Could put a shroud.

Through rain and hail,
And lightening and fierce weather
Through drought and sparse
And at each other's tether,
Ne'er they let go
Nor laid a trap
They built the bridge
That hoped to cover the gap.

Still, by chance, came
To their yonder a young fellow;
Whose clanging clamourous comrades
Wree les than mellow.
And dictate orders he did
From a scroll he read
That- none shall mix with 'em
Lest he wishes to be dead.

They heard the call
And fled for their lives
They walked and trudged
In the endless light.
Yet when the stars shone,
One met his plight
The other was spared;
He was saved by the night.

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