A Poem Written for You

January 15, 2008
By Chiristie Sanchez, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

You asked me to write a poem
So a poem is what you get
A poem about you and I
A poem about the truth behind

Love is a powerful word
That seems to be on my mind
But this love is nothing
But a sweet kiss good night

You are a sweet little treat
That over does things
You can spill your heart out
But it wouldn't mean a thing

I do love you with all my heart
And even half of yours
But our love is just a necessity
You and I will never be

We can play tug-o-war
With my heart and yours
But trust me when I say
This is nothing but a game

A game of fakes and lies
A game of hellos and goodbyes
A game of hugs and kisses
Just a game that'll end bad

So when you asked me for a poem
A poem is what you got
A poem about honesty
Just a poem about nothing important

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