Memories of You

March 18, 2011
The dreadful memories of you, I thought about all day,
The times you used to be there, to make everything okay.
Now every single time, I end up thinking of you,
I have to think of, what you have been putting me through.

Feeding me empty promises, that I knew you couldn’t keep,
Believing them I regret, letting you pull me in so deep.
The melody that played every time you passed by,
Now all I want to do is hide away and cry.

I try to forget the way you made me feel,
Its amazingly hard, when that something felt so real.
Your voice in my head, is like a harmony in a song.
A haunting tune, just wishing to go back to getting along.

How could I let this happen? When it was never true,
I shouldn’t have my guard down, it all came out of the blue.
I really don’t know why, but it took me long to realize,
That I was missing things that were, right in front of my eyes.

It seemed so long ago, that this would never end,
Now I know the truth, there’s no need to pretend.
Right now, I want to know, was it all a mistake?
A funny joke to you, that ended in a heart break.

I’m starting to lose myself now, this is too much to bear,
Just a bunch of words to you, that shows how much you care.
I’ve done nothing wrong, so can you please tell me,
Am I going crazy, or was this just a fantasy?

The stories I told, of how you put a smile on my face,
Were filled with pure joy, and so much grace.
For nothing you could ever say,
Could makes up for what you did that day.

You broke my heart, and stole my soul,
And that was all beyond my control.
I take a step back, take in a breath of air,
The air that we once, used to share.

You’ve gone so far, lost it all, for that I can see,
But to this day, the past has not yet stopped killing me.

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