March 15, 2011
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I wake up in the early light
It is another day of fighting to stay awake and keep my brain intact
I peek outdoors
As the sky turns gray before my eyes
I get this surge of adrenaline
All the animals scurry inside their hand crafted shelters
I hear a loud earth shaking boom from the sky
I see the crackle of lightning spider across the sky
Finally, the white rain shows its face
Slow and steady
It is quick to pick up pace
The rain has created a blanket across your eyes
The sky booms once more
But this time it was different
The intensity was so great that my chest starts hurting
My heart rate goes faint
Then suddenly
The loud screech of a siren goes off
I scramble to get all my animals down the stairs and locked up
I sit in the corner and pray
Staring out a small window
The sky starts to hurdle large balls of ice at my house
The second brigade brings winds that could bring God to His knees
Then as quickly as the assault started it was gone
The rain is back to its slow drizzle
The sirens quiet
I go upstairs
To look out the same window
The clouds dissipate
And as their replacement, a large streak of color across the sky appears
A rainbow
The grass has a shimmer in the colored light
The animals stick their heads out again
Checking for safety
And our world starts again
But off in the distance
I hear a light booming
And I know
This is happening somewhere else but home

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