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March 15, 2011
The sky was the blackest black
He knew he couldn't go back.
The cold seeped through the walls
All alone nobody answered his calls.

And suddenly gravity was no more
His feet flew off the floor.
Beyond the window there were stars
No Earth, or Venus, or Saturn or Mars.

Anxiety filled him as he saw the moon
Floating in the sky like a big balloon.
It grew bigger and bigger 'til he knew it was time
Down went the ladder on which he would climb.

He stepped on the moon the surface was rough
And realized why the trip was so tough.
They had to make sure that he wouldn't fly
Up into space where he would surely die.

He took a few steps in his weighted boots
And thanked his wonderful technological suit.
Without hesitation he opened his bag
And out he took the US flag.

After setting it firmly in the chunky ground
He watched the flag and then turned around.
The sky was the blackest black
He knew now that he could go back.

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