It Is Done

January 14, 2008
By Paloma Ibarra, Paramount, CA

The end has come.
The story's done.
The tears have fallen,
The sea's dried up.
The song has finished.
There's no applause.
The earth is silent.
Death is the cause.
It hurts to much,
to live or breathe.
They close thier eyes,
and begin to bleed
The rain keeps falling
Screams on deaf ears
Nothing to hate
Nothing left to fear
The sun hits the horizon
Nothing sees it's light
Life has fled
Leaving misery behind
The story's finished
No one cries or laughs
The utter silence
of a forgotten world.
And I sit there
Remembering the tears,
Remembering the warmth,
Remembering fears
Trying to fill the oceans
With these tears that dont end
Trying to fill this earth once more
With lost family and friends
Once I wished upon a star
To stop sickeness and pain
Once I wished upon a star
To stop neverending rain
Once i wished upon a star
And remembered good times
I was with you

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