That’s What Sisters Are For

January 14, 2008
By Brittany Michael, Akron, OH

When I was born my sister was at the young age of 3,
She tried to help my mom and be the best that she could be,
When asked why she did the things she did she stated simply,
Why silly that’s what Big sisters are for.

When I was a little older and wanted to play house,
She was always the mom without a spouse,
I asked her one day if she liked to play,
She said of course I do silly that’s what Big sisters are for.

When it was time to start school I was scared I’d be all wrong,
But my sister was there to help me stay strong,
It wasn’t the cool thing to do so I asked why,
She simply stated that’s what Big sisters are for.

I learned to ride a bike a little later in life,
I fell and cut my knee, the pain like a knife,
She helped me up and crying too, she said,
I’ll help you home, that’s what Big sisters are for.

Middle School came and boy was I scared,
I wasn’t on top anymore and nobody cared,
My sister told me my friends would be there,
I asked how she knew and she said that’s what Big sisters are for.

My sister started driving and I thought she’ll never be there,
But low and behold she let me in car nothing will ever compare,
I was always annoying and needing a ride,
She never failed to remind me that this was what Big sisters were for.

The car wrecks and boy problems all came for her,
She never faltered, she was always so sure,
When I asked her why this was, she said it’s so you’ll learn,
And that’s what Big sisters are for.

I started high school and it was hard,
I was pretty smart and had a good report card,
There were dances to plan and she helped do my hair,
I knew without asking, that’s what Big sisters are for.

She moved out on her own with little to her name,
I said without her home things would never be the same,
She smiled and laughed and said it was my home too,
Because that’s what Big sisters are for.

My first big wreck I was scared to death,
She said with me at the hospital holding her breath,
She said its ok I’ve been there too,
Of course, that’s what Big sisters are for.

I had my first heartbreak and it was bad,
He was older so my mother was mad,
My sister stood up for me and explained it all,
You see that’s what Big sisters are for.

The dreaded day she moved out of state,
It was my senior year; it should have been great,
She softly explain that she had to go,
I had to be strong, that’s what little sisters do.

My mom was a wreck she could barely speak,
Her face was all blotchy and her knees weak,
We said goodbye and I gave her a hug,
She said call if I needed her, that’s what Big sisters are for.

The new school was expensive,
And her search for work was extensive,
My mom complained and made her cry,
I held her hand because that’s what little sisters do.

She needed help it was plain to see,
I knew where to go and that was to me,
I told her for all that Big sisters are for; I’d like to help,
You see Big sister this is what little sisters do.

When I graduate I’m sure I’ll cry,
I’ll make my speech, then spread my wings to fly,
I’m sure to hear words of wisdom,
For that’s what Big sisters are for.

Some day our we’ll be old,
With our own children to mold,
The first lesson we’ll teach them is too always help,
For that is what Big sisters are for, and what little sisters do!

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