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March 18, 2011
By JohnCimeno SILVER, Wilmington, Massachusetts
JohnCimeno SILVER, Wilmington, Massachusetts
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He is young in time and life. He is without opinions.
He takes what he sees and forgets it quickly.
He makes no distinction between the truth and reality.
He sees not evil, just indifference.
The mind of an empty shell, he is the corner of all rooms.
He sits still, and watches all things pass from one corner
in the dark, breathing in the dank air, for many a day,
of each month and year. The view never changes.
People pass and go but he remains.

Now he rises to his feet. A girl calls out to him.
Curious, he follows her, searching his mind for reason.
She turns to people of dark intention.
He trails behind her, doggedly staying on course.
He is abandoned to confused expressions and flailing arms.
He is meaningless, and unapproachable.
Each morning, he resumes his spot in the corner, all – seeing but unknowing.
One life has risen, and another has died,
The sanity rises, like a narrow bridge spanning from the banks of reason and desire.

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