March 18, 2011
By PoetryFan BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
PoetryFan BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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The moment seems to last a lifetime
when it only occurs in a short instant
as the refreshing blue
fades to hues
of radiant color.
Like an artist's palette,
Earth's collages are swept across the sky
in bold strokes of magnificent colors,
not to be found at any other moment.
Never does it repeat itself,
never does it fail to appear,
and never does it cease to amaze
all who gaze in its direction.
The morning glories cast
their faces to the sun,
and take a breath before they succumb
to the night.
The fawn hides itself
to sleep away the dark.
The girl gazes out
her window,
unable to grasp
as it appears before her,
escaping the world
for yet another day.
Her gaze is fixed
unmoving towards
the captivating skyline
and she realizes that
a sunset can capture
the very words a person speaks,
the very breath they breathe,
and is shared throughout the world
to be alike in every eye.

The author's comments:
I have always been inspired by nature. One evening as I was sitting at my desk, the most beautiful sunset captured my gaze. It gave me the inspiration to write this poem.

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