January 14, 2008
Heart skipping beats
I step up to the stage
The eyes turn in and the room is quiet
For long moments, silence suffocates the room

The drummer begins, a simple rhythm.
The Base player follows, walking the line.
The Piano sends chords ringing out in a minor key.
Then slowly, softly, I breathe life to the song.

Disconnected, focus completely gone.
The music driven from my mind.
Irrational fears echo through my head.
I know I will stumble, and this reality will break.

After a moment, my racing heart slows.
As I play, the music takes control.
The notes fly from my fingers.
The saxophone seems to play itself

In that moment, my worries fade.
Mine is not the only hand playing tonight.
Music itself makes mistakes unthinkable, impossible,
For the rapture is simply too perfect to break

Each Note builds upon perfection,
Each Chord takes the mind away,
Every Rhythm tells the soul a story,
This Song has stolen my heart today.

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