Just Between Us

January 14, 2008
Sitting here I Lie
Looking towards the sky
Who’s clarity mocks the anguish
burning in my veins.

I feel you cross my mind
And fleetingly I find
That thoughts of you bring nothing,
Only apathy remains.

We weren’t like this before
There was a world I could explore
But near a year has passed now
and we still remain the same.

Am I wrong to want to change?
Wanting something more than this?
If we stay the same forever,
There’s a lifetime we will miss.

So I hold you lightly near me
But always at arm’s length
To come closer will bring us crashing down
Because you think you lack the Strength.

The Strength to stand,
alone and strong.
The Strength to cry,
but carry on.
The Strength to laugh
fighting fear away.
The Strength to live
for another day.

The Strength to hope,
when love is gone.
The Strength to acknowledge
that you were wrong.
The Strength to go
just one step more.
The Strength to love
on a foreign shore.

The Strength to sing
out and proud.
The Strength to cast off
this oppressive shroud.
The Strength to take
my hand and run
Through the horizon
and the setting sun.

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