Typical or Atypical?

March 12, 2011
By , Berkeley, CA
My class talks about…
is he a typical man of the 60s? Is she a typical child of the 20s?
So am I a typical teen girl of 2010?
Is their
a typical teen girl
of 2010?
Theirs the sterio type
Loves Justin bieber? check
Likes reading junk magazines? check
Mood swings? check

But there is more to me
I have layers,
Different sides to me,
that even I can’t figure out,
and probably
never will

Still don’t know why
Why I’m an emotional person alone
but never cry at movies
and rarely with friends

Still don’t know why
I am so different with different people.
And why some people say that makes me fake
Some people would tell you I’m shy
Some would say I’m loud
Some say I’m weird. Crazy. Funny. Dumb
Some say I’m Dreamy. Queit. Smart

Still don’t know
why I love writing
but get bad grades in englesh

Or why I Love Facebook and reality tv
And hate sports and bugs
But would still rather be outside most days

Why some peoples words
stay in my head for years
but some I can block out
and some I forget minutes after I here them

Why I try so hard not to start fights
but I will almost always finish them
And why I some times accidentally hurt my friends
But when some one else hurts them
I want to hurt that some one else

Still don’t know why I feel so different from the rest of my family
Or why my self esteem is so low

So I don’t know
if I’m typical or a typical of my age, sex, and time period
But I know
my friends are my life
I believe in god
I live for today
and don't always think as far ahead as maybe I should
I have a diary I write in a few times a week
I Love listening to music but can’t play it for my life

So I don’t know
if I’m typical or a typical of my age, sex, and time period
But mostly I know
I have Sooo much to learn
And so many sides and layers of myself
Too figure out

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