January 14, 2008
By Brian Slaughter, Bogalusa, LA

Time to forget,
To omit
The way you are.
Bit by bit
It will fall away
Being so astray,
Not knowing where to land
Infecting rapid like quick sand.

So flee the scene
Not to be caught.
How stupid could I have been?
Knowing not what I was taught.

Acting like I did,
Still more noble than you?
I am!
Impulsive and forgetful it is too,
Noble? Please!

Kid me not!
For time is past our wait
Action is upon us,
Starring us down like the sun stares the earth.

Humble am I!
Action surely will not affect me,
You the culprit may be destroyed!

No I had no hand in this,
But twas it I who instilled the force.
Watched it grow and consume?

Yes, but,
But nothing,
Equally accountable is this force and effect.
Both shall end, in a reverie,
As it started,
Though a certain reality to it is here.
What did I see?

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