Love medicine

January 14, 2008
By Gianna Philichi, Tacoma, WA

The telephone rang on a Tuesday night
The words the woman heard made her start to cry
And her husband sitting right next to her
Was more shocked than ever at the words he heard

“Mam I think we have a proplem
The test results don’t look too good
About the only thing that we could hope for
Is another 2 months to live”

“And sir I know it’s hard to imagine
But you gotta keep pushing through
The greatest medicine I could prescribe her
Is love given by you”

With the words from the doctor,
The man turned to his wife
Said honey we’re gonna be alright
Don’t you start to cry.

We’ve got a long way to go
And baby we’ll take it real slow
And every moment of this journey
I’ll be with you

Well the days turned into weeks,
And weeks turned into months
Their love grew stronger than ever
He never took his eyes off her once

And after seven months,
the woman grew ill again
Hooked to life support
Producing no oxygen

Soon the woman turned to her husband
Sitting right there beside her
She said baby I’m ready to go
I’ll see you soon I hope

With a tear dripping down his face
The man turned to his bride
Looked deep into her eyes
and watched her as she cried.
She couldn’t fight any longer
So she turned to him slowly
Said baby I wish I were stronger
But it’s killing me inside.

Thank you for your love you gave me
I could not ask for more
You and I fought this hard baby
But now it’s up to the lord.

With one last breath, the woman left him
He held her arm and whispered softly
Some words that carried her straight to Jesus
The one she’d dreamed of meeting

I love you more than anything
You know I’ll never leave you.
You’ll be on my mind day and night
I’ve been blessed to have you in my life.

Save me a spot beyond the gate
Under the oak tree where we met by fate
I’ll be up there as soon as I can
To hold this warm and precious hand.

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