She’s sitting at the window with two angels over head

January 14, 2008
She’s sitting at the window with two angels over head
Starring blankly her eyes become pools of water
The silence of her eyes is now the dialogue for her pain

Swaying back and forth you can see she’s gone to another place
Her arms wrapping the air as if her child were still there
Always reaches out as if something is there
To find nothing, she knows how life is unfair

You know she’s feeling alone, as she looks above to where the plane was flown
Her emptiness you can feel from her hugs that no longer feel real
You can see distraction scatter across her face

Looking at her hands getting older and colder,
She sees the reminder bonded to her hand, even though it’s a simple gold band
Every night she holds her hands and prays
She prays to feel her husband’s hand, and kiss her little boy’s cheek

Around strangers she’s fighting to hold in the pain
But when alone weakness takes rein

Battling back and forth on whom to blame
A child and husband lost to a vintage plane

Rolling across her mind are images of time
And how life’s returning back to a rhythmic rhyme

Peacefully returning from thoughts and memories in her head
She has two beautifully strong daughters helping her stand
Her husband and son will always be holding her hand

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