An Act of Love

January 14, 2008
Feel the warm breeze in the air that is coming through the opened window.
The humidity takes part to the heated passion between two people who are tangled in sheets.
Their hands wander the bare naked skin of the other in an act of exploration.
Time is no longer of consequence, for the night is young.
They are committing an act of love as their bodies move as one.
Sounds echo as it travels the house in search for ears that are nonexistent.
No longer are they their own person, for they are becoming one with each other.
Silence soon filled the air as they held one another after the beauty they created.
Soft tears fall from their eyes with overwhelm-ness, joy, and pure love.
They fall asleep in each other’s arms listening to the sound of the warm breeze as it enters through the opened window.

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