Her Love...

March 10, 2011
By lacole SILVER, Paris, Texas
lacole SILVER, Paris, Texas
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Pictures of her life, of her love
She was a gift from above
She has been there for us since the start
With her wonderful lovely heart
Pictures hung on the wall
Being happy and having a ball
Her kisses and hugs are the best
Better than all the rest
She made us feel so much comfortable
So real, with laghter, with smiles
Her love lasts for miles
I remember the days we spent playing in the yard
I know it's going to be hard
We are a family this is what we face
with love, flowers, and lace
Her love is still with us
Her love is still here
the jokes she said
The times we fear
I love her oh so dear
Her laugh and smile are those i won't forget
Moments we share I'll never regret
Memories will go on forever and ever
Well will never forget her
I love the smell of that perfume she wore
It was never a bore
She is a happy as can be
That is all i can see
Her love is the sun
Her love is the wind
We can't see her love
But we can the presence of her love
Her caring hands around us tight
Making everything feel so right
We love you oh so much
You are always here
Always near
Your love is amazing
So surprising
Her love...your love

The author's comments:
This is for my anunt Pearl who passed away on March 9, 2011..i love and miss you!!!

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