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March 12, 2011
By Ignacia BRONZE, Maplewood, Missouri
Ignacia BRONZE, Maplewood, Missouri
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" Vision is the Art of Seeing What is invisible to Others." -Jonathon Swift

Some people will like me and some people won’t, regardless if they do or don’t, I love myself, I am created in God’s image, therefore I am a limited edition. There may be a potential twin, somewhere in the world, but no one exactly like me. Thats what matters the most, I continuously hear this being rehearsed. Were all here for a purpose. I’ve struggled with being a people pleaser but realized not everyone will be hearer. Just be you and ask God for wisdom each and everyday is what I hear my mom say but its hard to not speak my mind, on a real level, I can be pretty outspoken. While seeming a bit provoking. When you’re younger, its all fun and games, no huge problems,no bills to pay. As you get older, you have goals in mind, you ask yourself what do i wanna do after high school. We’ve all done it, put on a front when its not who we really are. Im tired of hiding. Be unique and different, a clique reminds me of clones who watch each others move and everything thats done. You have everything to loose. Choose to stand out, make good grades along with good plays at sports games. Go natural as a friend of mine once said instead of getting added extensions to yo’ head. Fellas pull your pants up, women are more interested in your personality and mind not the color of the underwear on your behind. Don’t bury your talent, if you like to sing, dance, draw, or whatever! Do it! We are all beautiful in mind,body and spirit & Its a new beginning, a time to be real and start again. To not be like everyone else but just yourself. “You’re weird, well I take it as a compliment and translate that word into “I am unique.” Last but not least, say no to something you don’t agree with doing, have an opinion don’t b driven to a dead end while trying to fit in, Take dominion!

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