Dear Kevin

March 12, 2011
By rom.writer96 BRONZE, IGH, Minnesota
rom.writer96 BRONZE, IGH, Minnesota
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I know you've heard the story, your whole school did
And I'm still laughing at your reaction
I didn't think it would come as that much of a surprise to you
You must've seen what Michael does a year ago

Did that hurt little Kevin's feelings?
Get over it, you hurt mine worse
Sometimes I used to wish you'd come back
So I could talk to you
Now I just wanna brag about how freaking' happy I am

I'm sorry about what happened over Christmas break
I didn't want it to go like that, I truly didn't
I wanted closure, thank you very much
Well, I didn't want this to happen at all but since it had to
I still wish I could get some closure

Thank you for everything
Thank you for destroying that little corner of my heart
It'll never grow back
I don't think I'll ever truly recover
I think I'll love you forever

The author's comments:
This is a prose piece, TRUE STORY, to show this jerk that I am SO OVER YOU!

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