March 12, 2011
Do you remember
the sun,
the bay,
the beach?
Loving, living
and enjoying each day

Sunny days
are what I remember
They make life worth living
Without the sun
there would be no beach,
no bay

We grew up by the bay
Saw it each day
We played on the beach
Don’t you remember
bathing in the sun?
Man, that was living

Let’s remind ourselves what it was like to live
Go fishing in the bay
if the sun
decides to shine for a few days
Let’s remember
how lucky we are to live on the beach

We can pick shells off the beach
and starfish that are no longer living
We can allow ourselves to remember
swimming in the bay
on a hot day
under the beaming sun

The sun which
appears rarely at our beach
But on a nice day
whales breach in the bay
They’re Adrien’s favorite animal, remember?

So when the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day
let’s skip rocks on the beach into the bay
and remember what it truly means to live

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