Pissed Off Lies

January 14, 2008
By Tianna Mizener SILVER, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
Tianna Mizener SILVER, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
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Pissed off lies,
Immature behavior
To be mad at,
Someone you love.
Drink away the pain,
Agony and to forgive,
Pissed of lies.
To love someone,
You hate.
To feel free,
Then finally captured.
Almost to the end,
Then Back to the beginning.
Pissed off lies.
Hating you makes,
Me love you more.
Forgiving you sounds like,
Sacrificing my life.
I don't care about forgiveness.
Its just the thought of you being happy.
I get a chance to prove myself.
Then I fall before you.
I pray to god you will get it together,
Again the thought of being a family.
I want to forget the past.
But I just can't.
Thats why I make up,
Pissed off lies.

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