Ode to OCNJ. <3

March 4, 2011
The beach, with the sun beaming down on the sand and sea.
Where it’s just my best friend and me.
The never ending boardwalk with tons of stores, and rides.
The rides that go up, down.
I don’t want to get on but I’m bribed.
Tanning endlessly from nine to five.
With the best fried Oreos and boardwalk fries.
Going out for every meal, and pigging out.
Walking less than a block to the beach with no pouts.
Taking trolleys to the boardwalk around six.
Getting ready and have smeared make up to fix.
Seeing nice looking guys and walking by them 10 times.
Walking around the amusement park and finding spare, fallen dimes.
Just pack my things and I’d move to the beach if I could.
Just getting away for a while feels so good.

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