I Am Who I Am

March 6, 2011
By StormSight BRONZE, Waxahachi, Texas
StormSight BRONZE, Waxahachi, Texas
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Who I Am

My soul aches
The black tears it makes

It’s angry

It’s lonely

It whispers

I listen

It cries

I cry with it
Together we are in hiding in the day
But when the moon is high, we are free

My chains break away

My body morphs

My soul takes over

My soul is bonded with the prophecy
But is my soul really me

I run, I kill

I eat until I’ve had my fill

I stalk, I look

I am the creature in your book

The one who howls at the moon
The one who’s going to be free pretty soon

The chain around my neck to keep me from turning and biting
The chain around my ankle to keep me from running and fighting

Will soon dissolve and break away
So that I can run free and do as I may

This is who I am
And this is who I’ll always be

One day everyone will know
And there won’t be anywhere my kind can’t go

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