January 14, 2008
They say that God deminishes all anger and pain,
Reminds me of my father praying while cancer ate his brain
A triggered facination with any kind of lifeless face,
Made me study my own wondering where the soul took place.

This is reality spoken by the soul of a man,
Sacrificed for you like the severed head of a lamb,
Being draged away by the angel of death
Going insane like an addict without meth.

I find beauty in blood along with bullets and brains,
The sharpened steel that gave me scars and shirts with stains,
Yet I'll never fall victim and be a close minded f***,
A filtered and narrow mind that depends on luck.

Slipping away like the innocence of a child's mind,
Crushed and battered the hour hand leaves it behind,
Harsh reality likes to follow me everywhere I go,
In a thousand different demensions like the flakes of snow.

Drowing in holy water held by the hand of a preacher,
Attempting to purify me but I'm not growing weaker,
My intellect makes it easy to read your mind
My thoughts far too complex leaving comprehension behind.

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