First Impressons

March 6, 2011
By Raven Foster BRONZE, Maysville, Missouri
Raven Foster BRONZE, Maysville, Missouri
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The deaf hear better music
The cripples finish faster
The blind see greater pictures
The student exceeds the master

The weak become the strongest
What's wrong isn't always not right
The broken are always more whole
The dark is brighter than the light

The cruel want to be the kindest
The happy ones are really the saddest
The stubborn are tired of giving in
The calm are always the maddest

The hurt always are cautious
The frustrated just want to rest
The silent are always the loudest
The careless constantly upset

The cold are secretly the warmest
The restless deal with strife
The eager are always moving
The tired had a better life

The best are always the worst
The honest too full of lies
The able are always a wreck
The perfect too ready to die

The author's comments:
People never see the person behind the mask. Nobody is what you think they are. The mask has now been removed. I hope you see the true identity of the people around you now. See everybody clearly for what and who they are.

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