A distraction can derail an honest attraction

January 14, 2008
A distraction can derail an honest attraction.
No doubt, a self-sacrificing kind of passion.
Main line the artery of satisfaction
brings you back to what you swear is lacking.
Self deprived mode, on, no action,
Retaliating against your hearts own distraction.
No amount of retaliating can amount to successful explanation.
Hot debating, bodies shaking, time is wasting
no time for small talk, or conversation.
This moment is disenagrating
It's a now or never kinda expectation.
A sick realization. We sitting adjacent to a negative connotation.
A life thriving on misery and complication.
Claming double-blinded vision and secluded inclusion
ain't leading to apathy-ridden pollution.
Chosen our own conclusion will end the confusion.
Cause this generation wont be replacing any kind of angelic congregation.

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