Terrible Two

January 14, 2008
By Amanda Moser, West Deptford, NJ

He’s the nerd. I’m the dork.
I eat with spoons. He eats with forks.

He’s like a koala, sleeps thought-out the day.
I’m like a dog, ready to play.

He likes hockey, I like to cheer.
I’m like orange soda, he’s like root beer.

He sings weird songs. I sing with him.
We dace to them all the time in lit.

He’s not the smartest always gets yelled at;
But he’s still awesome. And no one can change that.

I’m not all that smart. Still get good grades.
He makes fun of me; I’m never amazed.

Such a sweetheart, funny too.
He tucks his pants, inside his shoes.

We have fun. Always soaring,
And together, we're never boring.

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