The 24 Hour Performance

January 14, 2008
By Alyssa Pesavento, Tower Lakes, IL

This is Earth’s sacred time to pause and reflect
The clock allows diamonds of dew
A moment to gather and glisten,
To shimmer and reflect the gentle rays of
The blazing sun,
Slowly emerging from its place of hiding.
Few sit to observe its surfacing
Until blinding rays cut through their windows
And surprise their sleeping eyes

The sun moves steadily across the sky,
Staring intently at life below
From its daunting position overhead.
The Earth is awake, it inhabitants scatter in hectic motion.
The clock reads early
Still, the fear of too little time is not simple to ignore
Time is sprinting
And it doesn’t mind letting you fall behind.

The hustle and bustle subsides.
The clock arrives at a brisk walik,
A pace consistent with the unveiling
Of a masterpiece of color and light.
Nature’s arrogant display of its supreme beauty,
The sunset,
Greater than the attempts of any man
To surpass or recreate.

The clock creeps,
Time tiptoes across the universe
As not to disturb the dormant planet Earth.
The black sky, however, is secretly alive
With shifting images cast into the heavens.
The gathering creations of dreams
From the people below.
Sleeping soundly in harmony with the Sun.

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