No Turning Back

January 14, 2008
Life always take you on journey
sometimes to places you don't know
you sit in curiosity
wondering which way to go
there are obstacles in life
that you can't let get you down
if you can't find a way through
try to work your way around
there's so much animocity in the world
that leaves you wondering what's next
you end up in vengence
even though you tryed your best
you must take it day by day
and see where you'll end
you're entitled to your own opinion
you don't have to follow your friends
if you feel the need for guidance
let your heart lead the way
sometimes your actions can show your innerself
and the speak the words your mouth won't say
there are people getting pregnant early
and can't look their child in the face
because thay abandoned them as orphans
because they didn't slow down their pace
it's a cruel world in reality
people won't cut you muck slack
pick and choose your choices wisely
once it don there's no turning back

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